Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN can improve your network's performance, efficiency, and security.

 SD-WAN automatically determines the most effective way to route traffic between branch offices and data center sites. SD-WAN is managed by a centralized controller, enabling your IT staff to remotely program edge devices, reduce provisioning times and allowing them to monitor and report on issues in real-time.

SD-WAN Benefits:

  • Improved application performance through a combination of WAN optimization techniques and the ability to dynamically shift traffic to accommodate each application's requirements.

  • Automatic fail-over, so if one link fails or is congested, traffic is automatically redirected to another link. This, in turn, further boosts application performance and reduces latency.

  • Reduced reliance on expensive leased MPLS circuits by sending lower priority, less-sensitive data over cheaper public internet connections, reserving private links for mission-critical or latency-sensitive traffic, like VoIP. The flexible nature of SD-WAN also reduces the need for over-provisioning, reducing overall WAN expenses.

  • Automated site deployments, configurations and operations. 

As you review and look at your WAN challenges, Contact Go2 to help you understand the benefits of SD-WAN and compare SD-WAN providers to address your multi-site voice/data network connectivity needs.