Hosted PBX and Collaboration

Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses Voice over IP to provide a Cloud based phone system for businesses. Often this service is provided by a network service provider as part of an overall network solution. This type of solution provides a customer with the ultimate in flexibility as access to “seats” are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed.

Customers also are out of the PBX management business and the uptime and investment in keeping the solution running stays with the Hosted provider. Enterprise features are available for even small scale customers, giving them ability to purchase advanced solutions like contact center typically on a one off basis. Providers work hard at delivering Hosted VOIP as reliable as possible. Allowing a customer to scale to meet demand.

Contact Center Solutions

Call Centers are a special breed. End-Users calling into a call center typically over-analyze everything that happens with their call and translate that over to the quality of the business it represents. So having a reliable, robust, and redundant solution should go without saying.

    Contact Center Variables:
  • Size of Your Operation: Work closely with an expert Network Engineer to ensure capable and reliable circuits are used.
  • Cost Per Minute: Some of the larger call centers are using millions of minutes per month. So negotiating a reasonable and affordable cost per minute.
  • Long Distance: Cost can shoot up even higher and thus, you will want to get a good rate locked in.
  • Redundancy: Can you afford to let your call center go experience downtime? Make certain you are considering a Disaster Recovery plan

IP Toll-Free

IP Toll-Free (IPTF) is an inbound Voice over IP (VOIP) calling service that provides toll-free service on an IP network.

Toll-Free calls originate in the PSTN network and travel over AT&T’s MPLS network for delivery via an IP access facility. The VoIP Toll-Free call is then delivered to a router at your site for completion in your premises equipment.

With Data and Voice on one network you will need fewer operations and less maintenance thus lowering your overall cost.