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Security Is a Business Problem, Not A Tech Problem

  Cloud, big data and mobile solutions have become mission-critical to organizations of all sizes.  

The rapid adoption of quickly changing cloud solutions, combined with the speed and sophistication of attacks are outpacing the ability of IT security teams. This is putting pressure on enterprises to make investments and strategy adjustments necessary to get ahead.  

Cloud and mobile have stretched traditional perimeters of networks beyond firewalls' protective capabilities. Firewalls cannot prevent attacks when perimeters are breached and are ineffective against attacks from within.

Organizations of all sizes are now likely targets. According to a Data Breach Report, "58% of cyber-attack victims were small businesses" (organizations with fewer than 250 employees). Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) think that the data they have or have access to does not have value. Nothing could be further from the truth. "All data is valuable!"

Each day a breach goes undetected results in potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Loss types include data loss (financial, customer, proprietary) brand damage (loss of customers), legal fees, fines & IT clean-up costs.

Security for SMB (fewer than 100 employees)

Many small businesses handle credit card information (restaurants, hospitality), or small medical practices handle patient records (HIPPA), or are small credit unions or regional banks (FFIEC/GLBA). They have to purchase the necessary safeguards to stay compliant.

Security for Mid-Market (100 - 1000 employees)

Have a much larger attack surface than an SMB. With a larger attack surface, you have to assume breaches will occur, so IDS is critical to catch the breaches quickly. Remediation measures will need to be on stand-by to repair, or restore, lost code or data. Measures must be in place to guard against data exfiltration. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks) are also a threat, with so much overhead going to human resources, being unable to access critical applications and data for minutes, hours, or days becomes a life-threatening event to a business.

Security for Enterprise (1000+ employees)

With a negative employment pool (ie: there aren't enough cyber security engineers available for hire), you may need to outsource many, if not all, of your most sophisticated and complex operations to a third party.


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