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Take your business internet to the next level with network services that can stimulate increased productivity and provide supplemental security measures.

Integrated solutions that bring multiple tools, such as instant messaging (IM), conferencing, email, and voice calling together.

Empower your workforce with a scalable, predictable, and highly secure connection to the cloud. See some of our unique services that guarantee a faster, safer, and slicker experience.

Cybersecurity can often be tricky for companies. There is no "one size fits all solution" for businesses with unique needs. It is important to work with a team that can come up with a dynamic stategy to cover a constantly changing environment.

Identify | Evaluate | Implement | Support

Proven Technologies

Identify which new tech offerings and vendors can help you disrupt and differentiate.
We present solutions that align with your needs. We are not beholden to any one product or carrier.

Evaluate game-changing technologies and partners to help you drive growth
Today, each organizations’ IT needs are different and so are their challenges.

Implement proven technologies meeting your long-term strategies
We’re familiar with each carrier’s provisioning process, providing proper expectations

Support your technology investment
We will always be looking for ways to add Value to our Customer

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Cloud Flexibility

Public Cloud

While it may be easy to purchase online, public cloud may not always be your best option. We’ve all heard the stories – out of control spending, shadow IT, and vendor lock-in. Avoid these costly scenarios and others by consulting with Go2 Communications. We’ll walk you through the technical aspects of public cloud and help find the right solutions for your needs – with advice from networking, security and virtualization experts along the way.

Private Cloud

There’s risk in most cloud services. What if there wasn’t? Private cloud offers the control, flexibility, and increased security you are accustom to with physical servers and hardware. That’s why the majority of large business and enterprises select private cloud environments for their IT infrastructure. Go2 Communications delivers highly customized, secure, and reliable private cloud infrastructure from all of the major cloud companies.

Hybrid Cloud

Not all applications belong in a private cloud environment. Same is true for public cloud and physical servers and storage. It’s a balance of cost, security, and performance. Which applications are right for private cloud? Use public cloud to reduce costs? Do you require colocation? Go2 Communications helps answer these questions. Start with a cloud assessment that creates an inventory of your infrastructure and documents your usage, and security.

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