AT&T Mobility Applications

Transforming the Way We Work

Mobile applications impact interactions between people, process and technology. Synchronizing those interactions wirelessly gives you new power to:

  • Automate and streamline workflows
  • Improve access to vital information
  • Accelerate transactions
  • Improve reporting and management

From on-demand scheduling, dispatching, tracking and monitoring assets, to providing more secure, reliable access to company data and visibility into your operations, mobile applications can transform business models and the way we work.

Field Service Automation

Provide better customer service with greater allocation of resources. Enable field-based employees to work more productively through real-time access to work orders, part lists, and other essential back-office information.

Fleet Management

Enhance fleet efficiencies with control, insight, and accountability. Monitor vehicle locations, arrivals, and departures with real-time access to critical operational data.

Sales Force Automation

Enhance your organization’s profitability by accelerating sales cycles, lowering operational costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. Seamless communication with the back office enables your sales force to focus more time working directly with customers.

Whether you need wireless access to existing enterprise applications, or a custom- or industry-specific software package, we can deliver the right solution.

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